"We've got a regular who stops by in th' mornin's. Knows the area real well...he'll be able ta' help you out."

― Donovan

Donovan Edit

Donovan is the innkeeper at The Highlands Inn.

Appearance Edit

Donovan has light skin with thick, curly, brown hair. He has large eyebrows and a full beard. He has brown eyes which are typically half-closed and a wrinkled face.

He wears a long white apron. Underneath, he wears a white shirt and gray slacks. He has brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Donovan seems gruff but kind. He is more that willing to allow Arianna and Vector to stay. He goes as far as introduce them to Frankie so they can get on their way.

Background Edit

Donovan is the innkeeper at the The Highlands Inn. Not much more is known about him.

Relationships Edit

Elise Edit

Elise is Donovan's wife, and they run The Highlands Inn together.

Frankie Edit

Frankie is stated to be a regular at The Highlands Inn, and seems to have a friendly relationship with Donovan. Donovan thinks well of him, describing him to Arianna as "a good kid" and "strange, but nice." Frankie is kind and cheerful in his interactions with Donovan, as can be expected from Frankie.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Frankie, he is bad with directions.